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What are the features of bit coin dark (BitcoinDark / BTCD)?

BitcoinDark is one of the characteristic currencies among alto coins. The release time is July 2014, which is relatively new in the virtual currency. As of January 29, 2018 Market capitalization is about 21 billion yen in Japanese yen, and it is around slightly less than 20,000 yen per 1 TTCD. A feature of BitcoinDark is that it adopts a two-stage method of mining up to 1.6 million coins and then issuing coins at forging. This will solve the problems of bit coins such as 51% attack and excessive inflation.
Speaking of BitcoinDark’s biggest feature is its anonymity. Security is more robust through transactions of general instant distributed transactions conducted through multiple routes. The Cryptonote technology that is loaded on the block chain of BitcoinDark also enhances the anonymity of this currency, making it possible to trade more reliably and safely.