According to stakeholders, it is clear from stakeholders that 16 new virtual currency exchanges registered in financial institutions will establish a new organization in April.
According to Reuters, it will be officially decided in the first half of the next week, this group will be the main body, there is a high possibility of strengthening self-regulation.

Why was the new organization created?

Up until now, two organizations were established, the Japan Virtual Currency Business Association and the Japan Block Chain Association.
A registration system for virtual currency exchange was introduced, self-regulation was implemented by these two groups,
In fact, it seems that the two organizations are fighting sovereignty, it seems not to function so much.

On the other hand, as a result of a large amount of NEM leaked from the coin check of the virtual currency exchange, it seemed as if they were conducting full consultation,
Since I have never met Virtual Currency Operator Association and Block Chain Association,
Under the financial institution, the virtual currency operator association side decided to form a new organization only with the registrants.

The virtual currency exchange currently registered in the Financial Services Agency includes the following 16 companies
(Source: excerpt from FSA)