ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which collects funds in virtual currency has been implemented all over the world since 2017, and some ICOs collected funds of hundreds of billions of yen. Meanwhile, it is pointed out that there are projects in which the feasibility of the project is uncertain, and some projects have gone out with collecting funds.

For this reason, the association examined the feasibility of the ICO project in advance. It says to verify technical safety. However, because domestic ICO’s legal position has not been determined, it is practically impossible to implement ICO. Even if the Association conducts an examination, it will be after the policy of the Financial Services Agency has been decided.

Virtual currency with anonymity is prohibited.

Regarding the handling of the new virtual currency, the association will review the issue situation, transaction situation, manager, owner, etc. When the exchanger starts handling a new virtual currency, the Financial Services Agency will also examine it, but it will be a system that can not be handled when the Association reviews in advance and the Association gives an objection.

Leverage up to 4 times upper limit

As leverage transactions are also pointed out as a factor that causes the fluctuation of the virtual currency price to be severe, quadrupling is set to “agreement designation level”.